Qualifying Requirements

Application requirements :

  1. A complete separate application is required from each adult (anyone 18 years and older) who intends to reside at the property.

  2. There has a processing fee for each application to check income, rental or home ownership history, credit and criminal background. The fee is non-refundable if the application is processed and must be in the form of cash or money order only. A credit report will be obtained for each applicant. We do not accept credit reports from outside sources.

  3. Proof of Income - Acceptable forms of verification include one of the following:

a) Employees: Request for Income Verification form completed by the employer, original pay stubs (2 most current months) and bank in slips/statement for the pay stubs.

b) Self-employed: IRS 1040 (first two pages of the last two year’s tax returns) and Schedule C (profit and loss statement of the last two year’s tax returns).

c) Direct deposits: bank statements for the past two months, which must list the source of the deposit.

  1. Copy of Government ID : MUST be submitted (Driver’s License or California ID, Military ID, etc.).

Credit Requirements :

  • Minimum credit score 700+. No late payments, no collection/charge off accounts, no bankruptcy, no tax liens, no judgements, no repossessions, no negative information.

  • Bankruptcy within 12 months (active or discharged) will not be accepted.

  • Total monthly obligations from revolving debt must be no higher than 50% of the gross monthly income per applicant.

  • Credit Reports with three or more collections/charge offs or any one collection above $1000 will not be accepted.

Income Requirements :

  • 3 times of rent Verifiable gross income.

  • Verified good work history from the employer.

  • at lease 6 months work history with the current employer.

Pet Policy :

  • Not all California Leasing Property Management rental home properties accept pets. It is up to the property owner to decide on what their pet policy is for their rental home. Before you schedule an appointment take the time to refer to the specific rental home that you are interested in to confirm if that particular property accepts pets and refer to the below pet policy.

Others Requirements :

  • You will be required to pay the first month’s rent, security deposit and any other applicable deposits in advance to security the property.

  • You need a good recommendation from your current landlord.


Applicant is hereby make aware the Security Deposits can be equal to 1.5 to 2 times the monthly rental amount (round to nearest $100). Security Deposit may be increased for addition of any pets. Acceptance of Pets and problems will credit score are the decision of Property Owner and any increase in security deposit related to each will be made by Owner within the guidelines of current Real Estate Laws and Requirements.

** Application is hereby made aware that Owner of the Property will make the final decision on qualification of Application should Applicant not qualify based on Unique Property Management’s qualification requirements.